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A Classic New England Summer Experience

Camp Robindel is a breathtaking opportunity for girls ages 6-15.

We are a girls sleepaway camp in Moultonboro, New Hampshire, established in 1951.

“Tucked away in a beautiful cove on Lake Winnipesaukee, we nurture girls to grow and mature at their own pace. Our main desire is to teach skills to children so that they better understand themselves and others, develop self worth, and learn to enjoy the use of these skills throughout their life. Our activities and camp programming provide opportunities for teaching campers about independence, collaboration, contributing to a community, personal accomplishment and building a sense of belonging.”

Jolly Corley, Director

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We Create Connections

Unplugging from daily life, campers at our sleepaway camp connect with nature and discover what’s really important to them. Girls connect with each other as they develop a sense of self and find out who they want to be. Building self confidence goes hand in hand with being silly, creative, and adventurous, and that’s what Robindel girls do every summer in their own female way.

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Robindel’s Legacy

CR spirit is strong - ask any Robindel girl! We love creating something that has a multigenerational impact on women’s lives. Our alumni remain actively involved because what we’re doing isn’t just for now — it’s for a girl’s future.

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Since 1951 young women have spent life-changing summers at Camp Robindel. Ask our campers and they'll tell you we're the best girls camp in New England!