Our Staff

The majority of our counselors come back year after year.

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Caroline dances at the Luau with her girls. Our camp counselors make the best role models because they're relatable leaders girls look up to.

We take pride in our staff here at Robindel. Each June at our opening dinner we are amazed and grateful when we look around the room filled with so many people who bring passion, excitement and dedication to Robindel.

We are also proud of our returning campers who choose to come back to Robindel as counselors, eager to share their Robindel spirit.

As a leader in the camping industry, Jolly has traveled the world helping other camps hire staff and plan their staff orientation.

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Unit Leaders Oversee an Age Group

They truly get to know each camper and counselor and communicate regularly with parents.

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at Robindel since 1988

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at Robindel since 2008

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at Robindel since 2016

Many people think being a camp counselor is about making sure campers have fun. Of course, we want our girls to have lots of fun at camp, but the fun is quite frankly the easy part. Our activities and camp programming provide opportunities for teaching campers about independence, collaboration, contributing to a community, personal accomplishment and building a sense of belonging. The activities are a means to this end.

We hire young leaders who have a desire and commitment to personal and professional development, and who are ready to teach and model the skills necessary for campers to make their own decisions and solve problems. We create a community where kids learn to advocate for themselves, manage both positive and negative emotions, and live out the values their family has instilled. Camp provides the opportunity for girls to become thoughtful members of the Robindel community, and in turn their communities at home as well.

We support our counselors to develop as leaders so they enjoy their own camp experience. Happy and fulfilled counselors are able to be present and dedicated to the well being of campers.