Why Work at Camp Robindel?

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We Create Community.

For more than 70 years, campers and staff have been spending their summers at Camp Robindel in New Hampshire on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, and telling their friends what a difference it has made in their lives. We love creating something that literally changes people’s lives.

Robindel (or CR as we are also known) is seasonal, so we have the opportunity each year to add people to our team who demonstrate extraordinary potential. Our CR team comes together each June bringing all the energy, passion and thoughtfulness needed to create a positive environment for ourselves and the campers.

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What We Do!

Many people think working as a camp counselor is all about making sure kids have fun. We want campers to have a fantastic experience at camp and that of course includes having fun. Our activities provide opportunities to teach campers about independence, collaboration, contributing to a community, personal accomplishment and building a sense of belonging. The fun activities are a means to this end.

We understand kids can learn to swim, do art projects or even ride a horse at home. At camp they can do these activities without the presence of adults who hover and “fix” any problems that arise. Rather, we teach kids how to advocate for themselves, manage both positive and negative emotions, and live out the values instilled by their family, and Robindel.

Camp provides the opportunity for campers and counselors to focus on being thoughtful members both of our CR community, and larger world community.

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Are you ready to facilitate conflict, engage peers and campers to embrace growth opportunities, and practice living the best version of yourself each day?