Our Mission

To inspire gratitude while building a community where personal growth is nurtured and friendships are found.

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Deep, real friendships require emotional intelligence — the ability to be a good listener, to be considerate, empathetic, patient, and to give without expecting something in return. These are qualities that Robindel girls get to practice every day as they laugh and play outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

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“We believe in a healthy form of competition that encourages participation by all, promotes good sportsmanship, and provides opportunities for girls to challenge themselves and grow.”

Cori Daniels, Director

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On the Shores of Beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee

We feel strongly that the overnight camp setting, surrounded by nature, compassionate people, and camp spirit, provides an ideal place for girls to discover their own deep friendships. Campers and counselors from around the world often tell us that Robindel is the most sacred place on earth, with the most special people, and the most beautiful sunsets.

You can always find your way at Robindel. No matter where you stand, you are only steps away from the camp office, your cabin, your next activity, our beloved towering pines, and the crystal-clear lake. You and your friends will enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and beautiful sunsets over Lake Winnipesaukee. Our 75 acre property has no hills and all cabins are in close proximity, creating a tight-knit community for young girls to spread their wings.

Camp is located near a quiet town, down a small road, yet less than 30 minutes to many local restaurants and attractions. Robindel is two and a half hours from Boston, MA and one and a half hours from Manchester, NH.

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We’ve Been Around for a Long Time

Robindel is known for our strong alumni base and “Legacy” campers. Some people even say, “Everyone’s mom went to Robindel!” Of course, not everyone’s mom went here.

Every year new girls come to camp, and they too make lifelong friends. In the twinkling of an eye, little girls grow up, and where do you think their little girls will go to camp?

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CR Legacies are campers and counselors with a mother or aunt who attended Robindel as a camper, counselor, or both.

Camp Grows with You

The frequency of socials with nearby boys’ camps increases as girls mature. Socials include music, organized games, and a relaxed environment in which girls and boys may interact with each other in a low pressure environment. Our well-trained staff supervise these events and act as role models, helping to foster positive relationships.

For those campers who have brothers, we offer weekly brother-sister visiting with Winaukee as well as twice per summer visits with boys’ camps in Maine.

Why We Have A Camp Uniform

When girls wake in the morning, getting dressed is super easy because when you’re in the Robindel community, everybody wears navy & white with pride. Nobody is judged by what they are wearing and nobody is worried about what is “cool” or “in fashion.”

Our relaxed environment is a welcome change from most girls’ daily experience outside of camp. Simple t-shirts, shorts and sweats are comfortable, functional for playing sports, and perfect for girls to relax and enjoy their childhood.

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“My favorite thing about Robindel’s uniform is not having to worry about what I wear every day. I love the ability to wake up and just throw on the same uniform as everyone else.”

Amelia, age 14