Parent FAQs

For families interested for the following summer, the best way to get a feel for Robindel is to tour camp while in session.

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Questions Parents Ask

Top Three Tips

Here are our top tips for helping to prepare your daughter for a successful camp experience:

1. Share Why Camp Is Essential To Your Daughter’s Growth.

  • Be clear with your daughter about the goals of why she is going to camp. Help her understand that while it is important for her to have fun and learn to do lots of different activities, she can potentially do that anywhere. Camp provides your daughter with a unique opportunity for community building, learning to navigate various social situations, managing conflict, and practicing her values in action.
  • Preparing for camp is an excellent time to be intentional about talking to your daughter about your family values.
  • Please let her know why you feel Robindel best aligns with how you want to raise her to be the best she can be.

2. Set Realistic Expectations.

  • Having the “best time” or a “great time” all day, every day for seven weeks is unrealistic. Please discuss with your daughter how she has had ups and downs in seven weeks at home and similarly will have moments at camp that are not her favorite or fun. Some moments can be downright hard. Remind your camper who will help her at camp.
  • Help your daughter understand that you believe she is ready to practice using her emotional intelligence skills to make friends, have fun and take on the days that are “great” or the “best.”
  • Please share with your daughter that you think she can do hard things. Even though every day won’t be her best or favorite, those moments will help her grow and will make future challenges much more manageable.

3. Partner With Robindel.

  • Share information about your daughter with us. The more we understand your camper, the better we can support her at camp.
  • Be sure you and your family are aligned with Robindel’s mission and values.
  • Let your daughter know that Robindel will communicate with you so that we (you and Robindel) can support her in the ways best for her personal development and growth.
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“I can’t believe this magical summer is coming to a close in a matter of hours. I was just reflecting on a strange feeling: despite having been apart from (my daughter) for 7 weeks, I feel closer to her than ever. The shared experience is tangible and real. Robindel truly is an unbroken chain of experiences and relationships. There is no sorority, community or club that can replicate the bond that Robindel campers and staff through the years share with each other. Your ability and willingness to carry the torch and maintain (and improve!) this world that we are so lucky to be part of and share with our daughters, cousins and friends is a gift to all of us. Thank you for loving Robindel with all your heart and being the leaders we need. We are so incredibly grateful.”

Jennie, a Robindel Mom