We Partner With You

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Our mission is to be a camp community of leaders and innovators who honor childhood. We strive to inspire gratitude, build community, foster connections, and value personal growth.

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Robindel & You

Parents, as you raise your daughter a foundation is laid. At camp we help guide young women into emerging adulthood. We help girls navigate social situations with empathy by teaching them to solve problems (and coaching them along the way) so that we don’t become the problem solvers for them. By inviting the girls into the discussion, they can put their own stamp on their personal experiences and become individuals who contribute to the whole community.

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Girls Grow at Robindel

When we say we’re a “fitness center for emotional intelligence skills” we’re talking about a young girls need for developing self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and the many other social skills required for living in a community of people of all ages from around the world.

The daily activities at overnight camp are an avenue for girls to grow and develop their own “emotional intelligence” under the careful direction of their “big sisters,” cabin counselors, unit leaders, and directors.

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“I’ll tell you what sold me on Camp Robindel that I would love to somehow get across to new families. First, was how genuinely kind, happy and passionate about camp Jolly was, and then the spectacular lakefront setting (it is far superior to other camps on small lakes)! The clincher was that when I came to visit, it had started to rain outside while the senior girls had been playing soccer on the field. They didn’t bat an eye but looked so happy and continued playing - the rain wouldn’t stop them. That was the attitude I wanted to see my daughter embrace.

Andrea, a Robindel Mom

As a parent, you are instilling values into your child at home. As a camp, we are providing an environment for your daughter to put those values into practice, alongside our CR values — Respect, Friendship, Honesty, Teamwork, Empathy & Tradition. We assume there is some overlap between your values and ours, and we partner with you to make the transition between home and camp as seamless as possible.

Is every moment at camp going to be fun and easy? No. But those challenging moments are really when the most growth happens. We teach skills that are age and developmentally appropriate to be able to navigate challenging situations, which make the fun times even better! Our girls camp is a safe place to learn and practice these important life skills.

We Create Community

This has been happening at Camp Robindel for more than 70 years. We view camp as a fitness center for emotional intelligence skills: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation and social skills. We strive to offer the best instructors and facilities for our wide-range of activities, but the daily activities are really an avenue for campers to practice the emotional intelligence skills that are essential to their development.

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Our Staff Role-Model What We Teach

Providing the best summer camp experience for your daughter starts with our counselors. We ask staff to be the best version of themselves, and help them practice this from the moment they are hired to join our community. As we live, work, eat and play together, camp provides an ongoing supply of social situations to flex those emotional intelligence muscles. We are intentional about modeling good behavior so campers may join us in this growth.