Hello CR - I thought you’d like to visit me here at the Lake House. This is where Cori and I stay during the summer and I happen to be up here during the winter, so I can show you a little bit of the snow we are getting right now. This is actually our first big snow of the season, which is good because we have we have a lot of construction projects going on! I’ll talk about those a different time on Hello CR…

Today I want to talk to you about something that I hear quite a bit: “When is my daughter ready for camp?” There isn’t one right answer; I wish there was and I could just tell you! But, every child is a little different. And, to be honest, the biggest key is when the parents are ready. A key idea is your understanding as a parent of why going to camp is super important. If you are looking to gain clarity on the reasons why your child should go to camp and you want to chat, I am happy to talk about it - you can call me any time! Just be warned this is something I’m really passionate about, so we may be chatting for a while!

Once you have clarity, then you should have a conversation with your child. They are super smart and just want to understand why so if they seem a little unsure, that can help them; it doesn’t mean they will always agree, and they may still say something like “I’m still nervous” but that’s the first step - Your understanding of why you want the camp experience for your child and then sharing that with them to help prep them. Then you’ll start to see some engangement. I’m always happy to have a conversation!

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