Jolly: Hello CR I am so excited today because we are in Orlando, and I’m with Naty who is the Assistant Director at Camp Robindel. We are at the American Camp Association’s National Conference.

Naty: We are surrounded by Mickey Mouse and we have been learning and meeting with so many people from the camp industry. This is actually my first camp conference ever. This has been a great experience for me, feeling part of such a big industry…sometimes we don’t know that so many people are a part of it…how much we all work to make it better all for the same mission of providing this experience for kids and young adults, and to make such an impact that we already know we make at Robindel, but feeling a part of a big community is wonderful.

Jolly: It is really exciting. Even at Robindel where we know that there are other camps (we have brother/sister, we do intercamps, etc.) you can get on a roll in your own camp, and then in the winter…tell everyone where you work…

Naty: I am now in Bogota, Colombia where I work from home. I was just telling Jolly that I love it, this job inspires me and I know it is my passion, but sometimes I feel so lonely that I am the only one in my area doing this work. It feels really good to be here and to feel part of something that so many people do, and to feel surrounded by professionals from around the world who have the same passion.

Jolly: Right! A lot of people will ask us “Do you do that summer thing?”

Naty: “Do you still go to the woods?”

Jolly: “Do you spend your summer on the lake?” YES, this is our profession, this is what we do. So to be surrounded by other professionals is exciting.

Naty: I find that at home people are interested and will ask “So what do you do?” and then the conversation ends very quickly because they don’t know what questions to ask…So…OK…I guess we will just talk about the weather!

Jolly: There is so much that goes into camp, and you all have been seeing that if you’re hanging out here at HELLO CR. We will continue to keep you updated on what’s happening. Thanks for watching!

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