Jolly: Hello CR - It’s Naty! Those of you who know her are probably super excited to see her here. And, for those of you who don’t…introduce yourself: Where are you from? How long have you been at Robindel? What do you do at Robindel?

Naty: OK, well I am Naty! I am from Colombia and I have been at camp for 14 years. I have gone all the way from being a tennis counselor, a Blue & White Leader (I was a captain in 2009) - Go White! And then, of course Red Team. I have been a Unit Leader for many years, more than 10 years…all of my senior campers know that I have them in my heart! Now I am an Assistant Director and I am in charge of all of the (staff) recruiting…recruiting fantastic staff for the summer. And, during the summer I am a big support for both campers and staff.

Jolly: Before you took on the full time job as Assistant Director, you were with Seniors which is Feldman, Robinson and Juniper. But, where did you start? You said you started at tennis but where did you start (what age group)?

Naty: I was a counselor for Poplar (9 year olds in Junior Camp); I was honestly just terrified of Senior Camp! Whow knows how things change…And then, I was the Unit Leader of Intermediate Camp for a couple of years. So I think I’ve done the whole spectrum, which I love.

Jolly: I love that. So, those of you who know Naty - I know she is going to be excited to see you this year. And, those of you who have not met Naty yet - she will be very excited to meet you. What are you looking forward to most about camp this summer?

Naty: On a personal note, I am looking forward to seeing and meeting the community that I have been working on for months as I’ve been hiring new people, getting in touch with returning staff, and talking about leadership roles…seeing everybody succeeding and supporting them to succeed. What you dream, see and think about…it’s so nice to see it in action.

Jolly: Yes, that vision and mission in action! Now you’ve met Naty, and maybe next time you’ll learn about why this guy (Mickey) is behind us!

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