Since so many of you are using this weekend to pack and get ready for camp, we thought it would be a good time to share some tips and reminders.

We encourage you to watch the video above, and will summarize it below:


One thing that is important for parents to remember as we are sending our kids off and we worry about making sure they have everything…

We encourage you to use the packing list as a guide so that your daughter has all of the basic necessities (clothing, equipment, toiletries).

The things we ask you to really consider are the toys, games and other items that they may use at home and on play dates, but that are less necessary at camp. Consider this:

  1. Setting up the play date is already done; The girls are together; They spend a lot of time outside; They use their imagination; We have lots of games for them to play. The need for things to entertain them is not the same as what we may need at home.
  2. “Things” create unnecessary competition and conflict. We want to focus on the people rather than the things. (Books, card games, jacks are great to send!)
  3. Campers are responsible for their own items – keeping things organized, cleaned up, and keeping track of them. “Things” can get in the way of campers feeling good if their stuff gets broken or lost, which happens at camp!


We know that there is been an increase in beauty products geared towards young girls, which has become a hot topic for “tweens” in particular. If you allow these products in your home, we ask you to only pack the essentials.

We know that many campers love to paint nails and do “spa days” in their cabins, which we are fine with! We just ask that this be done in a thoughtful and more natural way.

Our two main concerns are:

  1. Bringing exclusive/expensive items to camp simply goes against our values (see above, LESS IS MORE).
  2. Many of the products contain ingredients that not all parents are comfortable with their children using. Many kids have sensitive skin, and we know that the girls love to share these items with each other. Please be thoughtful about what you send.

We want to encourage fun and self-care, but not at the expense of our values. Pack some bug spray, lots of sunscreen and maybe even some fun navy and white nail polish.

We are looking forward to a great summer ahead!