Arts & Crafts

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Our extensive and loved art program is housed in a 3-story building known as the “Art Barn,” and staffed by an incredibly talented group of women who are passionate about art education. We have daily projects as well as long term projects that campers work on throughout the summer with the support of the art staff. While we love to teach “art with purpose” we also support campers wanting to casually draw or bead while chatting with friends. There is so much to explore in our expansive arts & crafts facility…

Learn to throw on the wheel, hand build and glaze on our lower level. We have 6 pottery wheels, a large area for hand building activities, and wide selection of glazes. In a separate building next door we have two kilns, operated by our staff.

Our fine arts floor is bursting with all things painting, sketching and drawing. We have an incredible variety of paints, watercolor, paper, canvas, pencils, pastels, markers and more.

The top floor is for limitless crafts! Bead work, jewelry, print-making, sewing, stained glass, mosaics, tie-dye, candle making, and just about anything else you can imagine.

At the end of the summer we turn our Art Barn into a museum, showcasing camper art from throughout the summer.

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